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10 Gadgets For Couples Who Are Really Far Away From Each Other

Do you miss your partner so much that you want to fly across the other side just to miss him or her or you want to travel for hours just to see your loved ones? Problems about long distance relationship or at times that you are not seeing each other is no longer a big problem. Tech developers are already making gadgets that can help you whenever you miss each other. They are already innovating many gadgets that will help us communicate with our loved ones around the world.

Missing pieces will not be left out already, you will not feel lonely, you will not feel alone. This gadgets will help you fulfill that missing piece.

Pillow Talk

Do you miss your partner whenever he is in a business trip or on the other side of the world? This item will help you both to fill that missing piece in your heart. Pillow Talk is a pair of pillows that is internet enabled. You can talk to each other wherever you and your partner are. The pillow glows when you put your head down on the people, and it will send signals through internet so that, the pair will light up.

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Taion Heart

Want to hold you partner’s hand but he or she is miles away from you? Taion Heart enables you to hold hands virtually with your partner. This gadget transfers your pressure and pulse rate using your mobile phone to your partner. The heart will light up with different colors that will designate different feelings.

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This romantic/cool gadget enables you to kiss your partner who is on miles away from you. Kissenger will transfer your kiss and a little bit of your emotions through the other pair. So, how does this gadget works? You just need to kiss the gadget and your partner will feel your kiss even though he or she is miles away from you.

Patch Of Sky

Want to see the stars above your partner? Patch of Sky is an artistic lamp that lets your partner see what variety of sky is above you. This gadget will use your Facebook location information. The gadget updates in real time to distinguish what sky you are under using various animations.

Photo Credit: Giorgia Zanellato

Toast Messenger

Waking up with a coffee and a toast with a message in it is the cutest thing to see every morning. Toast messenger prints your love messages or any message you want to write in your toast. This gadget surely completes your partner’s day.

Narrative Clip

This gadget will log you daily activities. Narrative Clip will snap photos or capture authentic videos with its five megapixel sensor and 70 degree view. This gadget make you keep in touch with your partner’s daily activities and experiences.


Lovebox is a romantic gadget enables you to send love notes to your partner. The heart in the Lovebox will move whenever there is a message, it will move discreetly or it will remain silent so you are not going to miss any messages. You will just open the lid of the box and you are going to see the message sent to you by your partner.

Bond Touch

Bond Touch comes in pairs and it is linked to each other through an app called the Bond Touch app. This bracelet enables you to send your touch to your partner in any distance, miles away from you or just on the other side of the room.


Ringly is a wearable gadget that will going to help you be notified whenever you receive a message from your partner. This enables you to not miss any message he or she sent to you. While wearing it, if you receive any message from your partner the gadget will vibrate to notify you.

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Aura Lamp

The Aura lamp comes in pairs for the couples who are far away from each other. This lamp glows whenever your partner strokes the other pair. It is emitting wireless evidence of any intimate gestures from both of you.

Photo Credit: Yanko Design
Designer: Christian Sallustro

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