10 Young Pinay Celebrities That Rocked Mix-and-Match Clothing Style

When it comes to fashion, young Filipina celebrities are very much involved. Long legs, flawless skin, angelic face, and captivating smile – these model-like features are evident to our millennial artists. Knowing how to mix and match their wardrobe is one way to look more appealing to the viewers and their fans.

Looking fab and sassy, these young celebrities have no problem on achieving their perfect look when they have the money to buy all the clothes they would need. The key is being confident in carrying their selves. We have here 10 celebrities who look ravishing in their mix-and-match clothing style, for inspiration to your own OOTD!

Julie Ann’s Classy-in-Red Get-up

This super-talented and gorgeous young singer and songwriter knows her angles and her style well. Looking effortless with her red top, white shorts, and nude high heels – no doubt locals from Sydney would look at her with awe. Even her messy curls blend well with her over-all outfit, so perf!

Being minimalist, with just a pop of color is what you need to achieve a well put-together attire. Match it with a sling bag, natural-looking make up and a very cheerful smile and you’re definitely good to go. Be fab like Julie Ann!

Janella’s Japanese-inspired Casual

Stand out amongst others by wearing a different culture-inspired outfit from where you are in, like Janella. But do this with caution, some countries see this as a sign of disrespect. Nonetheless, wearing something with a touch of uniqueness would never go wrong. This nude colored spaghetti strap top and matchy shorts and kimono with an Asian design look comfortable and fashionable, at the same time.

Finishing touches of black fats, sunglasses, and a small bag and you’re settled to travel somewhere or just chill to a cafe or mall of your choice. Not having too much color and knowing what would complement with the other is one important element in mix and matching.

Konnichiw– oh wait wrong country #MakingMegaPortugalwithJanellaSalvador

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Julia’s Sensual Office Attire

Velvet top + flowered choker + formal attire + Julia Barretto = HOTNESS OVERLOAD! Every Pinay would aspire to go to work looking this fierce because why not? An epitome of a strong, independent woman – no doubt about it.

You will surely ace that presentation or make your other co-workers jealous of you with this look. Stand tall, look professional, and exude sensuality – all in the same time! Damn girl, looking good right there.


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Nadine’s Ready-for-Workout Gear

Who would look more beautiful and charming in a white crop top, orange-and-white jogging pants, and white sneakers? None other than Queen Nadine herself. Sporting that old school vibe with her colored specs, she looks like someone who will be stared at while on the thread mill or just when she’s standing there and drinking water during her break. Definitely an eye-candy!

Going to the gym or going jogging outside is not an exception for you not to be on your best attire, take Nadine as your example. Look good while working out so you get more motivated to do better in every repetitions that you have. Work it girl!

Use me for your messy love. #Eyesocietyph ✧@andreisuleik

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Ella’s Down-To-Earth Palette

Looking tall, subtle, and mature – Ella rocked her outfit while standing and looking excited in this steadfast bridge. With a pink crochet top, flared pants, and strapped high-heel sandals, you will be ready to pose for your best OOTD yet!

This is ideal either for office, a leisure stroll, or even a girl’s night out – your choice. Just stay confident, wear your best smile, and you will fascinate everyone that will see you!

Merry Christmas 😘❤️🎉🎄

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Juliana’s Girl Next Door Vibe

This photo is spectacular, not only because of the iconic Eiffel tower in the background, but also because of Juliana’s beauty. With her light blue shirt and skirt and brown jacket as complement, she looks so young and natural. Her white sneakers and black bag, she looks basic but entrancing to everyone – not to forget those legs, girl!

A perfectly candid shot like this is every Pinay’s want which is actually possible! Just be confident and try to wear a similar outfit and you’ll look great.

Bea’s Refreshing Floral Attire

Undeniably, she looks enchanting with Bangkok’s iconic sceneries as her backdrop. Her denim jacket with embroidered floral designs and reddish long skirt gave her a fresh and attractive vibe. She is slowly transforming from a youthful aura to a more chic and mature one.

Important thing when traveling is to look and feel good with your clothes, which is what Bea’s outfit is all about. She can move freely with her skirt and roam around without worries of being overexposed under the sun because the top could protect her from the heat. Try to shop these types of apparel and it is worth your money!

Take nothing but photos and memories. 💕 #BeyondBangkok #CEBtravels

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Liza’s French-inspired Outfit

This Fil-Am beauty looks elegant with her beret, red furry jacket, jeans, Coco Chanel sling, and black boots. We all know that this lady will look perfect no matter what she wears, with or without make up. How to be you po?

But what makes her outfit look great is the pop of color and simplicity of the overall look. So stylish, chic, and alluring!

Kristel’s Grungy Aesthetic Clothing

Not only does she excel in singing but Kristel’s sense of fashion is something that we also look forward to. She looks hippy and aesthetic with her military green parka coat, turtle neck, red floral skirt, and her knee-length boots. She looks like someone from abroad – too good to be a usual outdoor wear of Filipinas.

She displays a certain kind of aura where you can cast her on a movie, short film, music video, or just a simple photo shoot. So lovely!

*caption this*

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Kathryn’s Modern Retro Ensemble

Looks like she came out from a 80s movie, doesn’t she? Kath is one of the young Filipinas who can look dashing with any outfit and this blue off-shoulders and pinstripe pants is one of them. With her headband and hoop earrings, you can already see by looking at her the sassiness and gracefulness she has.

A true Morena beauty, that’s what she is and all millennials out there dream to slay and look gorgeous 24/7 like her. The tone, her look, the vibe, it feels like we’re in for an old, classic touch of stunner right here.

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