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10 Witty Responses For The Unending ‘Naka-Move On Ka Na Ba?’ Question

“Mumsh, 2018 na! Naka-move on ka na ba?” You must have heard this from your friends numerous times now, and girl, sometimes you just want to grab their hair and choke them to death – syempre, char lang. But I know how tiring it is to hear this question every single day, maybe because you look sad or you posted something intriguing on Twitter, or they will tease you with it when you look extra beautiful that day.

Someone would always find the right timing to trigger you with that generic question, but you can’t lose your head because you are one, strong, independent woman – ganern dapat! So here’s some witty responses you can say when they ask you that, use at your own discretion.

“Oo, eh ikaw ba?”

What goes around comes back around, nga daw diba? So let your friend have a taste of his/her medicine. Be careful with your tone though, just be sarcastic and laugh it off – we don’t want any serious beef to happen between you two.

Damay damay tayo dito, beshie! You can’t be the only one in the group having ‘heart’ problems so let’s pass the hat around and see where it fits. Bawal pikon!

“Alam mo ‘yong mga magaganda, ‘di yan dapat umiiyak eh”

You clearly deserve better than what you’ve been through and it’s not worth wasting your precious tears! You are beautiful, iha. Remember that and you won’t feel like crying and sulking every night because of your heartbreak.

I know how much it hurts but with your captivating smile and tantalizing eyes, you will surely attract the right person for you. At sabi nga sa kanta, big girls don’t cry! Sayang mascara natin, girl.

“Gusto mo ikaw na lang mag-move on para sakin?”

Come on, we all know that moving on takes a lot of time and it varies from one person to another. It may take you a week to forget but it will take me years – and is that really that bad? Of course not. We cope differently and if you can’t move on immediately then maybe you were too attached to that person.

It can’t be rushed because there’s a greater possibility of your feelings to relapse. Wala ng balikan ng feelings oy! Move on at your own pace, no matter how small the progress is, it’s fine. Patience is the key!

“Di na kelangan, di naman naging kami”

Truth hurts but since you already admitted to yourself that you have no labels or any commitment with that person, you don’t see the point of moving on – but you actually still do. Even if you are not official with someone, the feelings you have are valid.

Saying this is somehow a cognitive dissonance for you – not moving on when you know that your feelings will not be reciprocated anymore. Tama na pagpapakatanga bes!

“Wala kong time para jan, busy pa ko”

Maybe you are that ‘ididistract ko sarili ko kaka-work’ type of person because when you are busy, you tend to disregard your feelings and emotions. You almost always feel exhausted to acknowledge your personal drama so you just leave it there for you to notice from time to time.

Sometimes, you just have to think of something else to avoid feeling shitty. Who has time for moving on when you got your plate full from responsibilities? Kayang kaya!

“Ako yung kawalan, bes. Hindi ako yung nawalan.”

Say this with conviction please! Because it is definitely true. If your relationship didn’t work out, don’t linger on the thought that you lost something when actually you are the lose. You are a beautiful human being who deserves the best, and so do your ex.

Both of you are just not meant to stay together – that’s the simple truth. So you have to face each day with your chin up, smiles on, and reminding yourself that losing that person doesn’t mean you’ve lost yourself, you are still you. Laban lang bes!

“Kanino? Yung mga ganung tao, kinakalimutan na agad eh.”

Korek! You don’t have to keep any memories of that person within you – especially if all they gave you are pain and struggles. But still, they should serve as one of your life lessons. You can learn from them, and once you’ve done that, you can start forgetting and letting them be just part of your past. You are thankful for their part in your book but that chapter have passed.

You can look back, yes, but maybe you shouldn’t. Move forward to your blank pages and fill them up with the people you love and those who love you back, as well. Urong sulong!

“Minahal ko ba?”

Palong-palo ‘tong linya na ‘to! I-uwi mo na ang korona, char. But let’s face it, you actually did. If you’re in denial, well then, there goes your answer. But sometimes, denying that you have feelings for someone might actually help you to move on from what was supposed to be something else. But you can’t deny for so long.

Accept your feelings and let them go – that’s the best thing you can do. Pero ang werpa talaga ng linya na ‘to bes, try mo!

“Alam mo ‘yong nasasanay ka na dumadaan lang yung mga tao sa buhay mo”

Ang bigat pero totoo. You got used to it when people, most often than not, leave. Sometimes with closure and reason, but usually they will just go without a word – which hurts more. When a person becomes a part of your routine and they just leave you hanging for no apparent reason, you’ll feel lost.

You’ll ask yourself why – aren’t you good enough, what’s lacking, don’t you deserve to be happy? But the harsh truth is there are just those people who will make you feel alive but wouldn’t stay. Sometimes its their choice but there are also times when you just can’t work. Ang sakit sakit na, tama na.

“Oo naman. Yung sakit, pinapalipas lang kasi dapat, hindi tinatambayan.”

Congrats! You have finally allowed your heart to heal from all the pain. There might still be an aching feeling every time you hear their name or see them in person but that’s normal – important thing is you’ve stopped holding on to nothing.

Cheer up, sooner or later, the person who’ll stay will come for you. For now, work on yourself and love yourself fiercely – you deserve it.

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