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10 Ways To Strengthen A Long-Distance Relationship

Love conquers all and this time it has conquered the distance. Long-distance couples are no different nowadays especially technology made its way to bring people closer to each other.

Most LDR couples who have been engage in such kind of relationship for awhile may have already mastered the art of talking and updating one another. However, doing your usual set-up wouldn’t be enough to strengthen your relationship. Repetitive talks and conversation can be a result for you to be cold with one another.

The distance can be pretty complicated and limited not only physically but also emotionally. But, have you thought about the virtual aspect? Here are few of the virtual simple yet sweet thing that LDR couples can do to express and strengthen their love:

Serenade him or her with his favorite love song

You need no soprano nor falsetto to give her a little spark. Assuming that you know her taste, you probably already know her favorite love song. Every woman wants to feel like they’re being courted from time to time and a simple serenade could already give her butterflies.

However, if you’re not sure of her favorite song then resort to a song that best describes her or your relationship. This can be a cute sweet surprise especially if you’re not the type of guy who really sings.

Watch him or her sleep

If you’re from the west and she’s from the east, your time may be hard to match always. But, that’s not a problem. There’s always something that you can do if you just keep your mind creative. After her long tiring day, instead of asking for some time to communicate, a gift of beauty rest is something that she’ll appreciate.

While watching her sleep, playing a soft instrumental music can be something that’s romantic. But, sleeping together while the you’re on a video call may also be an option.

Plan an on-screen date

The hardest thing about being away is not being able to do the usual-physical habits of a typical couple. But, just because you’re far away doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t lighten up the relationship. Long distance relationship even needs more effort to make yourselves feel that you’re just a block away from each other.

When both of you can’t seem to go out, call for a delivery or prepare meals separately and eat in front of your laptop while she’s on a video call. It would make it look like an actual dinner date night. Not to mention preparing your favorite meal.

Play an online game or a dare game

Talking, messaging, chatting— these are the usual things that LDR couples do. Because of that, someday you might ran out of topics to talk about and it can turn warm into a colder one. Instead of doing the same thing everyday, give your self some fun by exploring or trying some activities that both of you would enjoy.

There are a lot of game applications that can be a competition for you to beat each other or else, someone has to face the consequence. For whatever consequence that is on your mind, keep it and keep it creative.

Watch a similar movie together

If you think movie dates are just for couple who sit beside each other, it’s time to do this even your supposedly seatmate is miles away from your seat. There are a lot of flicks or series to choose from Netflix. Select a movie that both of you haven’t watched yet but at the same time interests and match your movie taste.

After watching, you don’t really have to think of a topic to talk about for you can just talk about your insights about the movie you’ve watched. It’s simple yet interactive.

Spend the day talking to each other

Just when you think distance is the most difficult part in an LDR. Time is also something that LDR couples fight about. If distance is notorious, what more a different timezone?

If you lack chances of talking to her because of your busy schedule, this may be the perfect chance to take the time you lost with her. Spend time talking to her, or watching her do her daily chores. Women loves when a man gives her time and attention.

Record a voice or video message for him or her

Long messages maybe sweet but it lacks affection. A long written message is just a sit-in work which is quite boring. Seeing the long text and a chat box filled with words isn’t really pleasing in the eyes.

Instead, you can turn on your voice or video recorder upon saying how thankful you are to her, or how lucky you are to her. Nothing beats the music of your voice and charm of your face.

Get drunk together

One thing that a guy or a girl misses is being able to see his partner drunk while he’s still sober. I know you love seeing her drowsy little eyes and her tipsy swaying walk. But as much as you miss it, you just can’t do it again…. personally.

However, you can do it virtually. If you’re up for a chill date night, bring out the wine and let yourselves unwind. While doing this, you can add up a some activities like playing a game or talking or watching a movie together.

Tease him or her with your naughty sleep Wear

What are video calls’ for if you don’t expand its purpose of bringing you closer. Just because she’s far away doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your relationship.

If you want to make her miss you, show her what she might be missing the most or something to look forward when you get to see each other in person. Sometimes, naughty sides are the ones that are hot. So, tease her with your sexy piece of clothes by not being too obvious with your moves. If you saw her wet or bite her lips, then pat yourself on the back for you have been successful.

What happens after the naughty tease?

After the naughty tease, it’s really up to you. I have no control on your sneaky little plans.

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