10 Ways On How Belle De Jour Planners Can Help You In Your Everyday Life

We all wanted that organized activities because as a millennial, we really have so much to do. Balancing your priorities such as your family, friends, school or relationships is a hard things to do. We really need to be able to balance out the things we need and we want.

In order to be more productive, Belle de Jour Power Planner is here to help us to make our life easier. Here are 10 ways on how Belle de Jour Power Planners can help us in our everyday life.

2018 Customized BDJ Diskbound with Sheets

If you wanted to have that organized plan for your whole year, this planner is really for you. To making a plan on the events and meeting you need to attend, from the birthdays of your loved ones, this BDJ power planner will help you from arranging everything and make your life easier. This planner includes:
1) Travel and Cash Inserts (16pp) – For the free-spirit Bella who takes her planner with her wherever she goes. It includes 4 Travel planning pages, 4 Expense tracker pages, 4 Cash tracker pages and 4 Notes pages.

2) Fitness and Meal Inserts (16pp) – The health-buff Bella will need this to keep track of her overall health–fitness and finances. It includes 4 Fitness tracker pages, 4 Expense tracker pages, 2 Meal plan pages, 2 Grocery list pages and 4 Notes pages.

3) Meal and Cash Inserts (16pp) – The Bella who wants to make sure that all bases are covered will need these sheets. It includes 4 Meal plan pages, 4 Grocery list pages, 4 Expense tracker pages and 4 Notes pages.

2018 Navi Journal

As Viviamo! Inc.’s journal for the modern-day explorer, Navi is the perfect companion for those who see life as one big, great adventure.

Showcasing 12 must-see nature destinations for 2018, the Navi Journal also reminds its users to never limit themselves to what is easily available in sight.

BDJ Sheets

The cute sheets has a place for your notes, expenses tracker, meal plan and fitness tracker. This is a good way to track how well your body is doing in terms of having that great life you are living. This cute notes can also be as handy as bringing a small notebook with you.

Customized Forget-Me-Not Notebook

These journals will be a safe keep for your notes, ideas, or even random scribbles. These are available in 3 kinds:
Create/Inspire – Keep this perfect daily writing tool handy for when inspiration strikes.
Dare/Achieve – Track and accomplish your professional or passion projects.
Focus/Finish – Say goodbye to mind-clutter and have everything at a glance.

Customized Mini Quest Journal

Sized at 4.2×5.6 inches, the Mini Quest Journal is your handy travelling companion in which you can put your passport around the elastic cord, it also has a vinyl pouch for receipts and cards, and 1 mini blank notebook for your notes and travel checklists.

It’s available in four gorgeous colors (Ocean, Stone, Sangria, and Plum).

2018 Focus Journal

The 2018 Focus Journal is still Viviamo! Inc.’s most minimalist-looking planner thus far. It has been designed this way for a purpose: to help users eliminate internal and external noise in order to zero in on what’s important.

This design is complemented by clean, straight-to-the-point 176 pages and monthly dividers that highlight power words. These power words are presented creatively in a playful manner and described succinctly in order to elicit a positive reaction from the journal user.

2018 Petit Planner

Colorful and convenient, the 2018 Petit Planner is the popular pint-sized version of the BDJ Power Planner.

It includes compact special pages and a calendar layout with enough space for quick notes, thoughts and ideas. Perfect for on-the-go moments, the lightweight Petit Planner also comes with a zippered pocket that acts as your secondary wallet.

2018 Everything Is Possible

In its 5th year in the market, the 2018 Everything is Possible (EIP) Planner continues to help its users determine their goals and stay headstrong in their focus to accomplish these one step at a time. The idea of the 2018 concept, is to guide users so they’re able to manifest all that they are capable of – make all their possibilities visible.

It is through careful planning and creating significant results that these goals are able to manifest for them and other people to acknowledge.

Archive Journals

The Archive Journals come with 3 kinds of notebook that have different designs and layout of inside pages. First is the Goals Journal, which objective is to help you write down the minutes of meeting and jot down important notes and reminders.

Second is the Ideas Journal which you can use by either Clockwork or Weekly type, this method will help you know what should be prioritized and done first. The last one is the Blank Journal, in which you are free to use it anyway you like!

Inspired Sketchbook Journal

A journal and sketchbook that includes 21 carefully picked bible verses, watercolor illustrations, short reflections, and guide questions to help you meditate on each bible verse.

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