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10 Types of Toxic People You See Online and How To Get Rid of Them

Throughout the years, social media has become a necessity rather than a want, as it is continuously made to improve our lives. As people say, everything is one click away when you use internet. Distance becomes less of a sore to families who are far from each other because of video calls and chats that social media offers.

But sometimes instead of making it your stress-reliever, social media has molded into a form of stress because of the toxic things that people are posting. Because of that we listed different types of toxic people online and ways on how to get rid of them.

The Dramatic One

These are the people who post their feelings online non-stop! The most annoying part is when you try to ask them what’s wrong and they reply with “Hindi wala ‘to,” which seems contradictory as to why they decided to share their woes online when they won’t even entertain help. They only want your empathy, sympathy and support–but not your advice!

To get rid of them, don’t ever bother to ask them of their state or if you genuinely care for that person, ask them personally because we all know that personal problems require personal conversation and not public attention. Try not to get too involved with their drama because it’s a trap and a non-stop loop – you don’t want that kind of problem to tend too. Best tip: ignore them and continue scrolling.

Mr. Know-It-All

These are the people who are very vocal about politics online. There’s nothing wrong in being knowledgeable on the things that happen around our country but sometimes, instead of enlightening others, the debates online become a source of stress. Usually they are biased and have their own beliefs they can’t let others disagree upon.

To get rid of these kind of people on your feed, start a healthy conversation with them and if they start acting up, simply end the conversation. Try to converse with them intellectually and point out the pros and cons of their argument but this part is tricky because either they will accept it or they will just negate everything you will say. Best tip: let them be and set them as an example of what you shouldn’t be.

The War Freak

War freaks are also known as ‘keyboard warriors.’ These are the vengeful people behind “hater comments”. Constructive criticism is not in their vocabulary. They rant about anything under the sun.

To avoid having your day ruined, unfriend them. Watch your unhealthy online environment improve without them lurking. Best tip: call them out once, if you can, and try to talk to them about their toxicness – if this doesn’t work, let them be.

The People Who Think It’s Always Summer

Coming from the title itself, these are the people who can’t help but post every single bikini photo of themselves. It’s not bad when you really worked hard to achieve that body and your only goal is to inspire other people. But when it’s obvious that you are just in it for the attention, it does get annoying.

To avoid getting a whiff of their vanity, block or unfollow them and just look for other online inspirations. Focus on improving yourself and don’t get too discouraged by seeing how well they look – or so they want people to think. Best tip: work your ass off and post a picture that will swoon your followers and friends.

The Ultimate Share-r

Remember those post that suggest you should share a certain picture for “goodluck” or “to pass exams”? These posts bait on the ultimate sharers. Sure, it’s humorous and sometimes hopeful to share such photos, but being flooded with their shared posts on our feed can get aggravating.

The sad thing is, there’s no way you can avoid them especially if you’re friends. Just disregard their posts and pray for longer patience. Best tip: do not share any of these posts, instead advice your friends that these posts are useless if they don’t do anything to pass that exam or make efforts to change their lives.

The Fire Starter

These are the people who prefer to create issues online instead of talking to the person they have an issue with personally. Whether or not you’re the target victim, remember not to snap back. If you feel that you are the person they are pertaining to, talk to them face-to-face.

An issue is hardly resolved online. Mainly the reason why people loves the attention they get when they post online about a personal fight or argument – knowing someone relates or has your back ignites that person’s ego. Best tip: talk to that person if you know them closely, if not, just observe and do not engage to any conversation – it might get messy.

The Complainers

These are the people who love complaining about anything that is happening within the society – may it be about the government, their neighbor, or just things about their lives they couldn’t seem to accept. This gets on your nerves especially when they post every hour – worse, when they get too caught up and post every 10 minutes. May it be about traffic, job workloads, gas price hike – please limit yourselves naman sa pag-aamok.

Let’s face it, everyone deals with their own problems and issues in life and majority of us have access online. But that doesn’t give us the privilege to post all our complaints and rants in life, for everyone to see and assess because most of them simply don’t care. Best tip: unfriend, unfollow – just get that away from your screen, newsfeed, etc.

The “Angel-in-Disguise”

These are the people who love to post quotes from the Bible or any sacred activities online. They seem to look like goody-two-shoes but in real life? They don’t even get near a church! Stop this hypocrisy.

This is very frustrating especially if you are a firm believer of your faith. You might even feel offended if you know what that person’s real attitude or actions in real life – truly contradicting than what they’re posting about. Best tip: talk to that person nicely and ask them to stop spreading the word of God if they can’t even control the words coming out from their mouths – again, NICELY.

The “Jealous-Judgmental”

Here are your friends online who clearly don’t know how to be contented and appreciative of what they have. They are the ones who notice others new relationship status, new branded bag or shoes, or any new posts about other’s lives. Be careful, you may not know you are the one they’re being jealous about.

Some people just love making it a habit to stalk or keep track with other people’s lives and brood online of how perfect and put together theirs compared to the one they currently have. This is why you pity them somehow for what they’re doing to their selves. Best tip: if you are close to them, reassure them of how wonderful they life is and tell them to stop comparing and judging other’s lives – it won’t make them any better.

Fake News Providers

Top of the list, no doubt. The mighty fake news believers and sharers that are very much rampant all over the Internet. Even some of your friends on Facebook do share them because of manipulative headlines and images. Hoax websites are wide-spread and if you are not careful enough, you might even get victimized by their news.

News is a kind of supplement everyone expose themselves upon, especially online, and it is disappointing to read fake ones, mocking issues, people, and events happening within the society. It is ones prerogative to double check a news they’ve read if it’s real or not. Best tip: if you see a fake news shared by someone, comment a link to a credible one and let their eyes be opened to what the truth is.

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