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10 Tips On How To Show Everybody That You’re Okay Even Though You’re Not

Is it okay to act okay when it is not actually okay? (What a tongue twister!) How can one show everybody that all is well after being brokenhearted? How does one heal from a broken relationship, move on and show everyone, including the boyfriend that happiness has been attained? How does one act okay when the situation is hard to handle? Are these the kind of questions running through your mind and wondering what the answers are?

Well, whatever you are feeling (not feeling okay) is fine and you do not need to explain it to anybody. You are allowed to experience the feeling and work your steps past it. The thing is that you can still act okay when you are not actually okay, and at the end of the day, the ‘not-okay’ feeling will have actually disappeared.

Well, though reading through these tips may not be the same as having somebody’s arms around your shoulders for an affirming hug, it may help you to act normal and sane even when you are actually not okay.

1. Smile

A smile goes a long way in boosting your mood, even if you are not feeling happy and okay with the situation. Smiling attracts constructive energy and positive vibes, something that can bring you a positive attitude and chase away the not-feeling-okay mood.

But how is it possible to smile when you’re not okay? This is a hard one, but it takes your strength to pull a smile that covers a sad face. How about you practice giving a genuine smile in front of a mirror, even if you do not feel like smiling? This is going to convince people that you are not hurt and that you are okay because only okay people can afford such a beautiful smile.

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