10 Things Guys Talk About During Boys’ Night Out

One day could be so much stressful, what more a week or even a month? All of us deserves to relax and have a good time every once in a while. And when I say all, I mean even boys deserve to spend a day to get away from all the stress life has to offer. A simple boy’s night out (hanging out with friends, grabbing a few drinks, sharing stories and venting out all the stress) would suffice to make one feel okay.

Probably most of the people thinks that when we say boys’ night out, it will be all about sex and girls. Sure, that won’t be out of their conversations, but aside from that, they also discuss different topics, and here are ten of those.

TV and Movie Quotes

May it be Teen Wolf or Walking Dead, boys also make time to talk about their favorite TV Series or movies. Just like girls, boys also try to update their buddies about the newest episode of their most awaited series and they get to share their favorite quotes from it. Just like any other person, they could recommend movies and series that you would love to watch.



How Awful Their Job/Acads Is

Stress is not limited to any gender. Even guys who acts tough and chill, could also get crazy and stressed about their work or academics. May it be about their toxic boss or professor, a deadline that needs to be done, a stressful co-worker or thesis partner or anything related to work and acads. Sometimes, boys use their night out to vent out their frustrations over something and get away from it for a while.



Video Games

Video games wouldn’t be out of the boys’ conversation. We all know how much time they are devoting for these games. This had been part of their daily routine, and we can never blame them. Video games are just one of the things they use to get away from the all of the stress and pressure they are encountering everyday. And when they have the chance to go on a bonding with their tropa, it’s either they’ll play or they will talk about these games they’d love to try with their best buds.




Just like video games, sports will never be out of their conversation. Betting on their favorite NBA or PBA group is normal, who will be the season’s MVP, or if they want, they could schedule a game for their bonding. Sports, especially basketball, is boys’ one way to reduce stress and have fun once in a while.



How many girls they’ve dated

It’s either they just want to talk about it, or just for ego boost, but the number of girls they have dated will never be out of their conversation and comparing all of the girls they have dated is inevitable. Maybe they just want to go on the memory lane and reminisce all the happy moments they had with the girl they have dated before.




Since they are with their tropa, they could be comfortable in their own skin, so a soundtrack from John Mayer, or Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars… or even Ariana Grande, won’t be an issue. They could enjoy the songs they want to listen without being judged for their song choice.




Boys may be acting tough, but there are moments where they just need to cry and let everything out. Heartbreaks has no age nor gender, even the toughest guy in the world could experience it too. And this boys’ night out could help them in venting out their heartbreaks.



Personal Problems

We all know that boys are tough shells who don’t open up easily to anyone. Being friends with them, like real friends takes sometime, and once they start trusting you, you inuman sesh could go from ‘Ang saya saya ko pre’ to ‘ayoko na mabuhay tol’ in a span of hours. Problems involving their families or even themselves could be opened in bonding such as boys’ night out.



Government and Politics

Habang tumatagal ang inuman, palalim nang palalim ang usapan. Government and politics is not a normal thing to talk about, but this topic could not go missing on a boys’ night out. In here they can either give praises to the current government or give it ultimate thumbs down for being too flop.



How old they are getting

No one’s getting younger, and this is an issue that needs to be talked about during boys’ night out. They could either compare their generation to the present generation, act bitter because they are aging, or act like real ‘titos of Manila’ who gives free advices to anyone, anywhere.



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