10 Things A Grown-Up Man Must Have In His Bedroom

A man’s bedroom is the most important room in his whole apartment. It’s the place where you spend the most of your time, so it goes without saying that you should take care of it and make it the most comfortable space in your apartment.

To do that, you’ll need to fill it with things that provide said comfort. It doesn’t have to be luxurious or expensive things, just the basic stuff that every bedroom needs. So, with that in mind, here are 10 things that all grown man must have in his bedroom.

High Quality Bedding

Your bed is where you spend 5-9 hours of your day, so it goes without saying that it must be very comfortable. Invest on some high quality sheets (that match). Get ones with minimalist and simple design, too. Ditch your superhero or sport themed sheets; you’re an adult now, not a teenager. Those kind of sheets would turn any adult woman you bring home off.

This is not up for discussion. Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, and you want it to look good and comfortable, so don’t skimp on it. And, please, remember to wash them every week or two.

An Alarm Clock

Stop using your phone as an alarm clock; yeah, everyone does it, but you don’t want to be everyone, you want to be a gentleman. So get yourself a good alarm clock, remove the clutter on your bedside table, and put your new alarm clock there.

This will not only make you look responsible, it will also save you during those mornings when you forget to charge your phone the night before. You can also stop shuddering every time you hear your coworker’s ringtone which is the same as your phone alarm sound.

A Bluetooth Speaker

Another thing every gentleman should have in their bedrooms–a Bluetooth speaker. It’s indispensable in the morning when you need upbeat tunes to get you moving and in the evening for mellow jams while kicking back after a long day at work.

It’s also very perfect for setting the mood during intimate moments with bae. Just put on your favorite track and let the speaker do its magic.

A Candle

Speaking of setting the mood, scented candles are also perfect for the job. No, scented candles are not lame, they’re classy. Lighting one of these badboys while you have some woman company in your bedroom would not only set the atmosphere for you, it would also make you seem sensitive and caring.

When unused, it’s a perfect accent piece on top of your dresser or any surface in your bedroom, too. So, save it for special occasions (or a special person).

A Light Dimmer

Up your mood setting game even more with a light dimmer. Ditch the boring and stale feel of fluorescent lights; it’s a bedroom, after all, not a hospital room.

A light dimmer is perfect for adding a level of intimacy and sexiness to your bedroom. Imagine how perfect your sexy times with your girl will be with music, fragrance, and the perfect lighting.


Now that you’re starting to invest on the stuff in your bedroom, it’s about time you take real good care of them. Especially your precious nightstand. Your nightstand is your bestest friend among everything inside your room. It holds everything for you–your phone, book, glasses, keys, and of course, your new alarm clock and scented candle.

So avoid ruining it with water stains, buy yourself some coaster. You are bound to bring glasses of any liquid to your bedroom, so might as well keep a couple of coasters in there just in case.

A Leather Valet

While we’re in the topic of taking care of stuff, you should also get the clutter under control. stop just throwing away loose change and keys anywhere. Get a leather valet.

This way you can keep all the small stuff in one place and not all over your bedroom. Again, this will give people the impression that you got your life together and such–the only impression you want to give people at this point in your life.

A Full Length Mirror

No, it’s not just girls who need full length mirrors, grown men should be able to see their entire reflection, too. Especially when you have a very important meeting or a beautiful waiting for you.

You should start thinking about your image and this starts with planning outfits. you can’t do that without a big-ass mirror to help you see your whole body. So invest in one now.

Personal Photos

Another thing every gentleman need on their bedside table–photos. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your family, your first pet, or your girlfriend. What important is you have a couple of photos framed on there.

It’s a good touch. Just make sure not to overdo it with like a dozen of photos. A couple would do. Make sure you put them in some really classy frames too, otherwise it just beats the purpose.

Mind Improving Books

You need these. You don’t need a full bookshelf of them. You can get books like these at very cheap prices if you know where to look. You can place them on your desk or, again, on your best friend, the bedside table.

If reading isn’t really your style, get them still. You don’t have to read them, you can just put them on display and impress the next person you invite over. It would make you seem like an intellectual.

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