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10 Struggles Only Singles Experience During Valentine’s Day

It’s the time of the year again where prices of chocolates and flowers triple. The “month of love” as they call it certainly has couples cozying up in candlelit dinners and romantic getaways. However, the story is a lot different for singles who don’t have dates for the 14th. While being single can be hard enough as it is at times, Valentine’s sure doesn’t make it easier. We’ve listed 10 struggles that only singles experience during Valentine’s day.

All The Restaurants Have Promos Only For Twos

Pro: Pretty much every single restaurant has a Valentine’s promo.
Con: It’s only for couples.
Pro: You can get discounted meals for two
Con: You are still alone

Everyone Asks You Where You’re Going On The 14th

Just about every person you meet or talk to asks what your plan is on the 14th. Little do they know it’s just a regular day for you. It’s the day for your own leisure time, free time for yourself, enjoy being single and free from any commitment.

Grocery And Convenient Stores Are Filled With Flowers And Chocolates

Whether it’s right before you pay out in a convenient store or every aisle in the supermarket, chocolates are pretty much everywhere. But you secretly hoard them.. for yourself.

People Ask Who Your Date Is On The 14th As Early As February 1

It’s inevitable but it happens, you’re continually asked who your date is as early as February 1. But you’ve learned that a safe answer is always, “My bed”.

All Your Friends Are Making Group Plans For Triple Dates

All your couple friends are looking for other couples friends to celebrate Valentine’s together. While you’re silently seenzoning everyone in the group chat because you obviously don’t want to 5th wheel.


Because on Valentine’s, everyone is just a little bit (and by a little bit we mean a lot) more romantic.

You Instantly Get The “I Feel Bad For You” Face

When people find out you want have a date on Valentine’s their facial expression instantly shifts to a look of awe and pity.

You’ve Gotten An Offer From A Co-Single Friend To Just Stay In And Watch Movies Together

Instant single ladies slumber party!

You Scroll Past Facebook Posts About Boyfriends Surprising Their Girlfriends Because You Don’t Need That Kind Of Negativity In Your Life

Oh no, 101 posts about you guy friends sweetly surprising their girlfriends? Skip, skip, skip.

You End Up Treating Yourself Because Being Single Is Still Awesome

Being single isn’t even bad, you won’t pressure yourself for gifts or dinners and you only have yourself to decide where to eat.

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