10 Signs That You’re A Bonafide Hugot Queen

If you Googled the phrase “Filipino love quotes” online, of course, it’d come back with millions of “Filipino love quotes” results. However, only a very small percentage of those results would be positive. Majority of them would be bitter and just downright depressing. These are not love quotes—well they are still, in a way, quotations about love, but not quite. Instead of celebrating love and the joys it brings, it does the exact opposite.

These are called hugots, and the people who spread them are called hugot queens (or kings, but in this article, we’re focusing on queens). Some people do this intentionally and know that they are queens, but there are also some who just plain don’t have any idea. So, if you are the latter and aren’t sure whether you are hugot royalty or not, here are 10 signs to know for sure.

Wala Kang Lovelife

Well, of course, hugot queens don’t have kings. The Queendom of Hugot is a matriarchal monarchy. The absence of a man in a woman’s life is where a hugot queen gets her hugot powers.

If you’re single and hesitant to mingle because you’re still hung up on your ex and if your inspiration to all your hugot soliloquys is said ex, wear your crown, girl, you are a hugot queen.

Sanay Ka Na Sa Lahat Ng Bagay

A hugot queen is used to everything especially being by herself, getting ignored by people, waiting for friends, etc., and is very vocal about it.

“Okay lang, girl, sanay na akong maghintay.”

“Anong bago? Lagi nyo naman akong iniiwan, sanay na ko.”

“Ayos lang, sanay naman na akong mag-isa.” If you’ve said these lines, doubt no more.

Favorite Movie Mo Ang That Thing Called Tadhana

That Thing Called Tadhana, Tadhana for short, is the movie that started it all. It was in Sagada where Mace (Angelica Panganiban) founded the Queendom of Hugot and birthed all the hugot queens.

Girl, if you can swear to your ancestors’ graves that you can’t relate to a single scene in this movie then fine, you’re not a hugot queen; you can go now. However, if you’ve needed someone to be there when you can’t bring yourself to finish the song you’re singing at karaoke in the past, stop fooling your self.

You Have A Hugot Playlist

It’s either a hugot queen has a hugot playlist or her music library literally has only hugot music in it. Basta may hugot!

Sad and heavy love songs are your gasoline; it’s what keeps your hugot fire burning. You love listening to them because you just relate to them so much, it’s unreal. Even when you haven’t really experienced some of the situations being described in some of the songs, you still get them; you still feel them. The intense emotions still stick to your body and soul.

Palagi Kang May Ipinaglalaban About Love

Of course, it goes without saying that hugot queens are love activists. That’s the whole point of hugot-ing—to get your word out there; to reach and touch people and make some difference…ideally.

You always have something to say when it comes to anything about love. You always seem like you’re very passionate about the love issue being talked about—as if it affects you personally when it’s really your friend who opened it up. In short, talks about love just trigger you.

You Use The Word Tanga A Lot

The favorite word of hugot queens, “tanga.” They can associate anything to it, but it comes easier when it’s about love and such.

“Nagtatanga-tangahan ka na naman, girl.”

“Pinagmukha ka na naming tanga nga animal mong boyfriend.”

“Ang tanga, tanga ko. Hindi na ko natuto.” Basta, if you use it a lot, it’s a crystal clear indicator that you are indeed a queen of hugots.

Lowkey Naniniwala Ka Sa Forever

It may seem at first that hugot queens don’t believe in forever, but inwardly, quietly, in the privacy of their own minds, they do believe in it. They’re hopeless romantics—they just portray the hopeless part more visibly.

When you highkey announce that walang forever, but lowkey believe there is. If you’ve been hurt and disappointed so many times to the point that you think it would be embarrassing to still believe in love everlasting, so you just tell everyone true love and happily ever after only exist in the movies, but inwardly you still hope for them to happen to you in real life, you are a hugot queen. Stop denying your title any further.

‘Yung Twitter or Facebook Profile Mo Puro Emote

Hugot queens need a channel where they can impart their words of hugot through. Good thing social media exists.

If your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter are full of your emotes and rants about love, life, and the works, and if you follow pages and such dedicated only to bringing its audience love advices and all that emotional crap, then wonder no more, you are a bonafide hugot queen.

Fan Ka Ni Marcelo Santos III

There’s one person all hugot queens look up to: Marcelo Santos III. He’s like the crown prince of the Queendom of Hugot, but not quite.

If you follow him on Twitter and read his books and take everything he says to heart and mind, you are a hugot queen. If you didn’t know who he is but is now contemplating on checking him out, you are still a hugot queen.

Ang Witty Mo Sa Puns At Wordplay

Aside from being, well duh, royalties, hugot queens are not to be looked down upon for they are genius wordsmiths as well. They can bend and manipulate words like the Avatar can bend and manipulate all four elements.

If you’re so good with words when it comes to anything concerning love that you put Shakespeare to shame, congratulations, you’re a hugot queen.

“Hindi naman ako nagbago, tanga pa rin ako; ang pinagkaiba lang, noon mahal kita, pero ngayon hindi na.”

“Ang crush nagsimula sa mata, pumasok sa dibdib, tumambay sa isip, naging bukambibig, kaya sa huli naging pag-ibig.”

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