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10 Signs That You’re A Social Media Addict

Throughout the years, social media has changed how people communicate with one another. It seems that it has become the major platform for people to stay connected. And most people have subconsciously become addicted to social media without realizing it.

Checking your social media accounts consumes half of your free time. And some researches say that even with one’s busy schedule, they never forget to check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Check out these social media addict signs that you might be guilty of:

You can’t go anywhere without your phone

Just like what everyone says, phones are already a necessity, especially for communication. But that’s not the only reason why you always bring your phone with you.

You want to check your social media accounts from time to time even without a notification, you fancy scrolling through your news feed while looking through different posts about anything that interests you.

Your social media accounts are the first thing you check the minute you wake up

Before you start doing anything else in the morning, you’re guilty of looking for your phone first. Checking your Facebook notifications or Twitter mentions has been part of your morning routine already, and it’s actually first on your list.

Even when you’re having your morning caffeine, you still find time to stay updated with other people’s activity through social media.

You take and post photos of everything on your social media accounts

You always take photos of everything you do, may it be your selfie, a groufie with your friends, or places you’ve visited. You want your followers and friends to know about it that’s why you spend too much effort making it beautiful and perfect.

It may be annoying for the people around you, but why would you care? What matters is your Facebook account is on track with your current life status.

You most-likely contact your friends on social media

Gone are the days of text messages and calls. You can’t ignore messages anymore as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram’s feature informs people if you’ve already seen their messages.

So if you’re involved with these apps almost 24/7, people would know when and where to contact you. And you can’t miss any important messages anymore because it’s a habit of yours to already check your social media accounts constantly.

You consider ‘No Wi-Fi’ as a crisis

There are times when you’re so eager to check your social media accounts to the point that it frustrates you when you don’t have internet connection, not even data. Going to places where there’s no Wi-Fi the least of your “vacation” choices.

You prefer to just stay at home and scroll in your newsfeed with the endless posts of your friends and family than going out to try a new cafe where Wi-Fi is not available.

Coming up with the perfect caption for your photos is the hardest thing to do

Admit it or not, you’ve experienced exhaustion just thinking of what to caption for your getaway photos or selfies. You’ve come to a point where you feel it’s torturous to think of a caption which won’t come out vain.

It’s not just the capturing of photos that you put so much effort on, but thinking of a caption can be just as difficult, too.

Your social media accounts are simultaneously open on different devices

Every social media addict is probably guilty of this. There are times when you’re scrolling through Facebook on your laptop, and you use your phone for other social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

You’re not contented with just opening another tab on your browser. This is taking the ‘social-media-addiction’ to a whole new level.

You have already mastered online stalking

Not even a perfect stranger can pass your stalking skills. You can find the account of a person you just met for the first time. And you can find even the littlest of secrets a person keeps on their social media accounts.

You’re close to being a detective, with major online stalking points.

You stress over new updates on your favorite social media apps

You really hate it when your social media apps automatically updates and you’re not satisfied with the new features.

You suffer from a minor breakdown because it’s not your ideal characteristic of an app as it affects your usual browsing routine.

You care about your profile picture more than anything else

This is obviously a bad thing. But admit it or not, you really do. When you take photos of yourself which you plan to make your display picture, you want to get the perfect lighting, angle, filter and background.

Sometimes you even want a professional photographer to take pictures of you just to make sure it’ll come out perfect. And you notice every little detail in the photo which you make sure is edited beautifully.

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