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10 Signs That You Are Becoming A Full-Blown Tita

Roll call, ladies! I’m sure those who are in their early 20s feels like they have changed or still changing. Probably from the way you look, what hobbies you involve yourself into, or just simply what kind of drink you prefer during a late night. Being a tita is becoming a trend nowadays – are you the chill type or the savage one?

To help you check out the signs if you’re becoming a full-blown tita, we listed 10 of them; and if you can relate – official tita ka na!

You have a sossy shoulder bag you can bring on-the-go.

You cannot go outside without your weapons – lipstick, wipes, tissue, powder, medicine, and pamaypay! You tend to be the girl scout/mommy within your group because you have everything they need, packed inside that sophisticated bag of yours.

Your bag is probably one of the most important things you bring with you, aside from your phone, wallet, and ATM/credit cards. When there’s a sale online or in one of your favorite stores, having that designer bag is a must.

Your girl friends + wine = CHILL NIGHT OUT!

Mind you, you have passed the stage of craving the rave/walwalan type of hangouts mainly because instead of the wake-me-up-inside kind of feeling, you now want to have the chill-under-the-stars vibe. And what best way to have that but with your closest girl friends and a bottle, or two, of the finest or cheapest wines you can find.

You will swap a great catch up with them than a possible hook-up in a bar because you prioritize the people you have now rather than looking for a fling. Tara, chill!

When distressed, in doubt, or you just feel like drinking – COFFEE is the answer.

Aside from a cup of tea usually associated with titas, coffee is also one of your go-to drinks. Sometimes, a shot or two of caffeine is what you need to start or finish your day right.

Coffee is also good for the heart – maybe your heart needs some mending or healing which nothing a cup of coffee couldn’t fix. Starbucks tayo? Sagot ko na oh.

You know the basics of Gardening101.

One hobby you don’t normally get yourself into is gardening, but something about the tranquility and freshness brought by plants make you want to try it. Cactus and succulents are the common starters for planting – they are easier to be taken care of but they also need ample amount of your time to be observed!

Going green-minded and doing small actions to save Mother Earth is one sign of becoming a tita. Make this world a better place, one cactus at a time!

You have your own signature pose – whenever, wherever.

You stand out amongst the rest of your friends because of your pak na pak na poses! You look effortless yet flawlessly beautiful because you exude confidence and sassiness – a mark of a true tita.

May it be a look-back type of pose or a simple portrait of you smiling, it doesn’t matter because you are what captures your likers and followers. Keep slaying, girl!

Where are you this weekend? Relaxing!

I know that every tita out there has a hectic and exhausting schedule because as strong, independent women, we aim to work non-stop and deliver our best. So, most often than not, our weekends are our ‘holy’ days. The days wherein everything is shut down, except Instagram and Twitter, and you enjoy a serene and relaxing place – a spa is a best example.

Usually this is also a way for you to unwind by chatting with a friend or just simply sipping a healthy fruit drink from the menu and contemplate about your life. Either way, your inner peace is your priority!

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Go green, go organic!

In order to stay fit and healthy, your choice in terms of food, and even beauty products, goes to organic. Since we are in this age wherein looking and feeling beautiful is a necessity, making sure that we take in what’s good for our body is very important.

Organic fruits and vegetables may be a bit pricey than the usual but there’s no better investment than your wellness. Live healthy, stay pretty!

Life hacks are part of your daily routine.

Since you have less time to go into details when doing chores, you always have a life hack for everything – especially at home and during travels. Every tita has an item/furniture/application that could save them time and would require them less effort to work upon. It’s not being maarte, it’s actually called being maparaan, diba?

In this fast-paced type of lifestyle, in order to keep up, we have to figure out ways on how to make our lives easier – like the laundry organizer below. Let’s you clean up one of your mess! Magulo na nga buhay natin, wag naman pati gamit.

You are still a low-key narcissist, with a touch of millennial.

You are known to be one of those girls who take selfies and pictures, whenever possible – especially in the corners of your room. With the trendy tassel or hoop earrings, with an Instagram-worthy background, you love to keep yourself young by posing like a millennial. The more fab you look, the more likes/reacts/comments you have!

But the real deal here is that you just want to see yourself, in your simplest and truest form. Wearing a simple make-up, wearing a fashionable yet chic OOTD, you just want to show the world who you really are by being yourself. You go girl!

You have received a CERTIFIED TITA OF MANILA recognition.

Self-explanatory isn’t it? If you have, in any way, received this kind of recognition then congratulations, you have transformed into one of the Titas of Manila (or depends on your location.)

Nonetheless, continue being a person others could look up to, and spread the good news and manners of being one. Take care of your social status, you don’t want to be judged by people. Chin up and be a proud tita!

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