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10 Signs He’s Just Not Into You

Men aren’t always as vocal as women. They tend to keep things to their selves and they don’t want to tell everyone what’s constantly going through their minds, especially when it comes to their feelings. Men always give very specific signs when they’re not interested with someone or a date.

If you can pick up the signs that they are showing, you’ll be much better off. But often times, girls don’t easily get it so they tend to push their selves to a guy that ends up not that interested in them. Check out if your date falls under any of these signs or if this can serve as your wake up call.

He’s not around and he makes no effort to be with you

If a person likes you, you’ll see it with the way he puts effort to spend time with you. He’ll probably choose to sacrifice something just to give you a little of his time and he’s willing to defy anything just to make you feel important.

So if he’s not showing any of those, then maybe you should start keeping your distance.

He shows no interest in talking to you

This is the simplest sign to determine if someone doesn’t like you. If its obvious that he doesn’t want to talk to you, whether it may be through phone or personally, it’s pretty much a given that he’s not interested with you.

If you try to talk to him and he doesn’t do much to make the conversation last longer, you’re stepping on thin ice.

The way he talks to you is no different than the way he talk to his friends

In some instances, this can be a good thing, but that’s not always the case. If a person is interested in someone, there is a huge tendency that he’ll be more optimistic and caring with the way he refers to you.

A softer and calmer voice or a sweet and caring tone is what you should expect, unless he decides to be flirty. But if he talks to you the way he talks to his friends, then it’s already a sign that he doesn’t see you romantically.

He is never the first person to start the conversation

Any guy who is remotely interested in a girl would make the effort to talk to her first, even if he is torpe. If you’re always the one who has to push for a conversation and you feel like you’re just forcing him to respond to anything you say, don’t expect much interest from his end anytime soon.

So if you get unanswered texts or plain replies, it might be a sign that you should just put your attention on something or someone else.

He never remembers details about you or the stories you told him

A guy who doesn’t remember your birthday or your age or maybe even your last name (if you’ve gone on a couple of dates), has no plans to staying since he has no plans of truly getting to know you.

If he can’t remember the simplest detail about your story, it means that he didn’t actually give much attention to you.

He isn’t interested in your personal life

People who actually like you would be interested about knowing every little detail about your life, or at least the core basics. He cares about your hobbies, your family, your friends, and he values all of them.

If he is interested in you, he’ll make a way to be part of your life and get to know those who are part of yours.

His actions obviously say that he’s not interested in you

Body language is a huge factor in determining if a person likes you or not. If someone likes you, he’d be more interested about always wanting to keep you close or having you around. His body language can show his true feelings.

When you’re talking in person and he tries to keep his distance and doesn’t want to get close, then it’s a good sign that he plans to keep the distance the whole nine yards.

He flirts with you, but he flirts with everyone else too

The problem with liking a guy because he flirts with you is that may actually be flirting with everyone else.

Just because you had a fairly flirty conversation and he texts you doesn’t mean you can assume he likes you already.

He isn’t bothered if you have other suitors

It’s obvious that if a guy is into you, he’d be noticing the guys you’re hanging out with. He’s going to be attentive to the idea that anyone else is interested in you because they could serve as competition.

He’ll be showing signs that he doesn’t want any other guy around you, or he’ll at least tell you if he’s feeling jealous. If you mention someone who wants to court you and you get no reaction from him – maybe it’s because he doesn’t really care.

He talks to you about other women he’s interested in

When he talks to you about girls he finds attractive, it simply shows how uninterested he is in you. If he likes you, then he’d be talking about his feelings for you, or at the very least, he’d have the decency not to talk about other women in front of you.

If he’s seriously interested in someone else, and he’s telling you about it, he’s not trying to make you jealous. He’s giving you a blatant signal that he’s not interested in dating you.

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