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10 Reasons Why Social Media is Destroying Your Relationship

More and more people are getting connected on the internet. The widespread use of the internet, especially social media, has tremendously changed very many aspects of people’s lives- especially how people celebrate important milestones in life. For instance, rarely do people celebrate a special moment without letting their friends in social media know the details of the event. You must have observed that whenever a person gets engaged, there is always a Facebook relationship status update accompanied with beautiful engagement photos.

Unknown to a lot of people, social media can also ruin your relationship or marriage in surprising ways. In fact, there are very many research reports that prove beyond any shadow of doubt that social media does more harm than good to couples in relationships or in marriages.

Here are some ways social media can be toxic to your relationship:

1.You Are Checking His Account Too Often


It is understandable that your man occupies your mind throughout. But that is exactly what will compel you to keep checking his account just in case. For example, you might be wondering if your significant other accepted a friend request from an ex-girlfriend, or if any family member or friend posted anything you should beware of. When you two have a fight, you might be afraid that your significant other might post an angry tweet about you, or if he mentions you in a post but didn’t tag you. To allay all these fears you’ll feel like it is necessary to check your significant other’s account.

But it does not have to be that way all the time. Agree with your partner, if this is a problem, all your issues should be solved offline, and that you two shouldn’t let the world into your domestic quarrels and disagreements. Complaining about your significant other on social media is a terrible and it’s a bad way to vent out feelings. It is noteworthy that if you are worried about flirty friends or exes, this is probably not the best way to go about easing the problem. You ought to work together as a couple so as to address all these problems offline.

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