10 Reasons Why Kailangan Tigilan Mo Na Ang Paghahabol Kay Crush

Having a crush–especially an intense one–can make you do crazy things. Whenever we see our crush, we feel an adrenaline brewing inside, ready to give everything just so our crush can notice us. But when is the effort a little too much? Should we stop if hindi na tayo pinapansin? Or is that a sign that we should keep on trying?

In case you’ve done everything and are ready to give up, and if your whole barkada is just telling you to give it up, here are 10 reasons why kailangan tigilan mo na ang paghahabol kay crush.

Hindi Niya Nakikita Worth Mo

If you’ve given endless effort but your crush can’t seem to appreciate it, maybe it’s time to rethink. You’re worth than someone who just brushes you to the side.

You deserve someone who will see the beauty in you, inside and out. Always think that you deserve someone better. You deserve someone who can love you for who you really are.



Taken Siya

Unfortunately, ang crush mo may mahal na iba. Kahit masakit, we have to accept our fate. Let’s not be the one to break a relationship. If they’re in one, it’s time to move on.

Always think that there are 7 billion people around the world and one of them is definitely the one for you. God has planned your life according to his will and it will always be perfect.



Hindi Kayo Talo

Pinagdasal mo na marami kayong in common ni crush, unfortunately hanggang type niyo, parehas na parehas. In short, hindi kayo talo. If you like guys, he likes guys too. That means, there’s zero chance you’ll end up together.

You must accept the fact that we all have our preferences. You must respect whatever he or she is falling for.



Wala Kayong Future

No matter how hard you try, it seems very unlikely that the two of you have a future together. May it be because he doesn’t see you in it or because you just have too little in common.

If there’s no future, what’s the point in going on?



‘Di Pa Siya Over Sa Ex Niya

Now is not the time for him to fall in love because he is still in love with his ex. If he’s vocal about the fact that he’s still hoping for him and his ex to get back together, maybe you should step aside.

It has been proven and tested that you must give space to people who hasn’t moved on yet. If you push through with expecting love from him or her, it can lead to a major disappointment.



Napapabayaan Mo Na Sarili Mo

Masyado ka ng dedicated sakanya, nakalimutan mo na sarili mo. It’s also not healthy to be too focused on someone else. You have to love yourself first. Mamaya, may lovelife ka nga, panget naman grades mo. Aral-aral muna tayo, teh.



Frinendzone Ka Na Niya

He’s told you once, don’t let him tell you again, “Hindi ka niya type.” Kung nag-no na siya, ‘wag na natin pilitin teh. Kahit mag petition pa tayo, if hindi ka talaga niya gusto, wala na tayong magagawa.



Hindi Parehas Ang Vision-Mission Niyo

You have completely different plans in life. Ikaw todo planado na ang future, siya walang plans kahit for tomorrow. You have to make sure that your potential future boyfriend is someone you know you can spend a future with. Because if not, why waste your time?



Ego Booster Ka Lang Niya

If he keeps you around but never around anybody else baka ego booster ka lang niya. Someone who just makes him good about himself but not really someone he plans to introduce to anybody else. If that’s the case, you better think twice.



Wala Siyang Balak Maging Kayo

Sure he’s there, but he’s never going to take you seriously. To him, you may just be a friend. So why force yourself? Rethink the situation, should you really be pursuing someone na hindi ka pa umaamin ay rejected ka na?



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