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10 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Be Single

Being in a relationship is fun and exciting, but some relationships are not really meant to last. As painful as it may be, some had just to end. It’s sad but you don’t necessarily have to dwell on that sadness. Being single is not a bad thing. Sometimes, we really have to go through the stage of being alone for us to discover who really are and what are the things we want in life.

Here are 10 reasons why it is okay to be single.

It gives you time to learn about yourself.

“Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all”.

That one song by Whitney Houston reminded us of the importance of loving our self. If you are single, this is the most perfect time to know and love yourself fully. You could go on a date with yourself. Find what your hobby is, exercise, do yoga… everything. Do everything you want to do. Shower yourself with the love you truly deserve.

It gives you time to learn about other people.

Being single means you have the liberty to go out, talk to random strangers and meet new friends. Meeting new people doesn’t always have to mean you have to date, if you are not ready to be in a romantic relationship, then you could first develop your interpersonal skills through making new friends. And sometimes, this could help you in gaining more experience through the other people’s stories.

You can work on yourself.

All of us have lapses and shortcomings. No one is perfect and everyone already experienced failures and disappointments, and that’s okay. Now that you are single, you could concentrate on making a better version of yourself. Assess and ask yourself, “What are the things that most people complain about me?”, then from there you start changing yourself, not for them, but for yourself, because you aspire to be better.


Is it your lifelong dream to visit Paris? Or Maldives? Then pack your bags and go anywhere you want to go. Try all the adventures you’ve been wanting to try ever since. Go take selfies, post it in your IG, put it in your journal as a memento. No one’s stopping you in letting the little dare devil in you show.

You’re free to date whoever you want.

Finding the right guy/girl is not easy, and you’ll be able to know who’s the right person for you through meeting new people. Anyway, there’s no pain in playing a bit in the field. You also don’t need to feel guilty about dating, since you guys can keep it casual, you could just go on a dinner or have a drink or two, while you get to know one another.

You can finally experience a true guy/girl’s night.

You don’t have to worry about receiving a text asking where are you or demands you to go home immediately. Well, except if your mother texted you and demands you to go home, then you really must go home. But if there’s none, then you can go enjoy the day or night with your friends. Go on shopping, play arcade games, drink cold beer, enjoy the moment you have with your best buds.

Do what you want, when you want.

Do you want to eat ramen at 2 am? Or go on a stargazing trip on your own at 12 am? Then go. Do want you want to do anytime. You now have the liberty to consider yourself, JUST YOURSELF.

More money in your pocket.

Being in a relationship is fun, unless you experience asking yourself where did your money go. Now that you are single, you could check in a hotel and reserve a room for one, eat at a fancy resto and buy what you want. Or if you want, you could save up money if ever you want to invest into something big, like car, house or even business.

You can sleep in peace and quiet.

Finally, sleep! You could go sleep for straight 12 hours without someone bothering you because you have a brunch or lunch date. You could just go on a date with your bed, enjoy your queen sized bed and dream of the things you want to do.

You can become more self-reliant.

It’s good to have someone beside you all the time, to take care of you, to shower you with love. And I know, whether you admit it or not, you have become dependent of that affection. But now that you’re already single, you have to learn how to become independent again. Stand on your own feet, make decisions for yourself. You don’t need to find another human being to feel loved.

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