10 Painful Struggles Of Women When It’s “That Time” Of The Month

One of the most tragic stages in a girl or woman’s life that just about every girl can relate to is the mind-numbing cramps we go through when it’s that time of the month. While guys may never understand the pain and struggle of getting out of bed when you feel like Godzilla is attacking your uterus, at least we’ve got each other armed with chocolate, pillows and thermoses. Here are ten struggles we can all understand:

Getting The Granny Posture Bent back, slow walking and talking things very slow, yup pretty much our posture 24/7.

When you are on your period, you just can’t explain where the pain is coming from. It’s like your body is being cut into half and you are forced to slowly transform to a manananggal. So all you can do is curve your body, thinking that this kind of posture will help you ease the pain.

Being Extra Matakaw.Nobody understands and comforts us like food.

Suddenly, all you want to do is to eat and eat and eat. No one, not even you, can explain why you had the urge to eat lots of chocolates, manggang hilaw, inihaw, cake, ice cream, etc. etc. It feels like, food is the only thing in the world that could help you overcome the pain of menstruation.

Just Wanting To Lay In Bed All Day.Can we hibernate this time of the month every month?

Every month that your ‘visitor’ comes knocking on your uterus, you just want to lay down and do nothing but sleep. This is the time of the month where you feel like every part of your body is aching and all you want to do is rest.

Being Extra Emotional For No Reason.It’s the hormones guys.

One moment you’re happy, the next you already want to cry; one moment you feel genuinely happy and contented in life, the next you just want to punch everyone who’s on your way. At this moments, you just want to feel loved because even you finds it hard to cope up with the mood swings. C’mon guys, it’s not easy!

Grabbing Only Black Bottoms.We Are Not Risking Stains!

When girls have to go through that bloody week every month, they have to choose what to wear. No white pants, no pastel colored pants, or colored pants in general. It’s like they don’t have a choice but to wear black bottoms, because even though menstruation is normal, it’s still embarrassing to let the world know they’re on their period, through a blood stain.

Speaking of Outfits, Dressing Super Comfortably.Like Sweats.

The sanitary napkin itself, is very irritating and wearing something fitted makes the experience more difficult. So whenever girls have to undergo this bloody process, choosing clothes becomes more difficult. Because hello, they still want to look stylish in the most comfortable way.

Not Having The Energy For Anything

Just like what we mentioned earlier, you will feel lazy when you’re on your period. You just want to stay at home, in your bed, watch your favorite movie or just sleep. Like literally, you don’t want to move at all. Even reaching your phone that’s beside you is so difficult.

At Some Point Feeling Self-Pity When The Cramps Get Really Bad.It’s not easy, okay?

When you just want to shout and be angry at everyone because it’s just too painful, then cry because it feels like your lower abdomen is hammered and twisted and sawed continuously. Yes guys, that’s how it feels like to go through a monthly period.

Sleeping Like A Turtle In Bed Because It Just Hurts

Butt bended on the side (like real bended), arms on your lower abdomen then sleep. Sleeping like this makes you look like a turtle or a baby is normal during these days. This is girls’ way of battling with the dysmenorrhea.

The 1 Million and 1 Awkward Moments Of Sudden Pain

Ever experienced the feeling of you are just laughing and happily sipping, your tea or coffee or wine, then you’ll feel a kick of pain in your lower abdomen? Well it happens. Period cramps doesn’t warn you if they are going to visit you or not, they come in surprise.

So guys, if ever one girl in your life is experiencing this, please do extend your patience and understanding. It’s not like we asked for this. It’s not easy to go on this bloody week.

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