10 Instagram Poses You Can See In Every Girl’s Feed

Whether you admit it or not, you have a very slight case of being obsessive compulsive over your Instagram feed. It has to have a pattern – a common theme or if not the same filter. Sometimes the perfect photo requires you to “candidly” pose, and when we say candid we mean a totally planned pose that makes it seem candid nonetheless.

Because we know just about every girl’s nature (including ourselves), we listed 10 Instagram poses every girl is guilty of, as demonstrated by our favorite bloggers who are total pros at it:

The “Ganda Ng Floor” Pose

Yup, you’ve probably done this pose too. Something about tucking your hair behind your hair and looking down seems quite fashionable these days. Either you want to look effortless or aesthetic, this pose is a must-try for you, girl.

This is usually done for a quick shoot – you may be wearing that awesome OOTD or you are in an IG-worthy place, this pose will make you look good. Usually, the less effort a pose looks like, the more people would notice your photo. Awww, how did she look that perfect?

Wanna live in jumpsuits forever 🀀🌿

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The “Peace To The World” Pose

More often than not, the ‘back-facing peace held up to the hair’ shot is taken in front of a scenic view, preferably on a really high spot. Because peace to the world is the new it thing. What’s more common than making the peace sign? The challenge is how you will make it look classy.

Usually this pose is done by girls on concerts, gigs, road trips, or simply just anywhere. This will make you look easy-going and fun – chill, kumbaga. If you’re having your picture taken face front, peace sign + tongue out is usually the combination.

Trust the magic of New Beginnings. (πŸ“Έ:@dgrazon)

A post shared by Danielle (@danibarretto) on

The “Gandara Park Ng Skirt Ko” Pose

You will always, always see this post when a friend of yours is wearing a skirt and wants to take an OOTD shot. The famous sway of the skirt really highlights its daintiness, it’s probably why bloggers love to do it too. You can do it in the middle of the road, lobby of your office, or in the case of the photo below, in the water!

You can play around with the background, even with your skirt. That easy-breezy feeling when you wear something that is not body-fitting makes you want to take some creative shots. Pak na pak!

The “Walang Signal So I’ll Stare Up” Pose

When traveling, it’s one of favorite pose of many IG-fanatics’ – stand in the middle of a city, field or forest and look up to the sky. The sense of wonder in the pose makes the vacation seem more adventurous. Perfect for a very artsy ambiance!

This also requires minimal effort, you just have to stand somewhere, look up, and project! *cue in Malaya by Moira* Kidding! Usually, we get the melancholic vibe with this pose because you seem to be looking forward to something, or looking up for inspiration. Most often than not, you just look up to achieve the perfect angle. HAHA!

The “Let Me Fix My Collar” Pose

When in doubt, the “let me fix my collar” pose always works. Just place one arm along the waist and another touching the collar of your blouse. You may look at the camera if you want, but looking away always look better. Just imagine that a hot guy is passing by!

This pose is also used for high-end photo shoots of celebrities and models – which you can totally pull off as well! Work on your angles and project your best facial expression and you are good to go.

Pink palette with @skycastleco πŸ’

A post shared by Verniece Enciso (@verniecenciso) on

The “Akin Na Camera Beh” Pose

This type of pose seems the most convincingly candid, because it seems that the subject or model is actually talking to the photographer. But surprisingly, it’s one of the most popular scripted poses. It’s super cute nonetheless!

With one hand fixing your hair and the other extended towards the camera, it is probably a must-try pose for all girls out there. It will look amusing and spontaneous to your followers – pusuan na yan!

Halika dito right quick πŸ˜‚ #BMStravels

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The “Ano Sinabi Mo” Pose

This pose is usually paired with a “hugot-like” caption because more often than not, the pose itself seems dramatic. It seems like the subject is looking another way but someone said something or called them, thus the “ano sinabi mo” pose was created. Girls who want to look ‘extra’ with their photos usually execute this pose perfectly.

This pose requires good timing and good hair because as you look back to the camera, your photographer must capture the perfect shot. Tank top, off shoulder, or a simple tee is usually the outfit for this pose. You will achieve the laid-back and minimalist aura.

Never again. (πŸ“Έ:@kerwinking)

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The “Look Away” Pose

If you’re a fan of dramatic shots, stand in front of a door or window and look far ahead. We guarantee that you will look strong and deep in your photo. Just about every girl on IG has this pose on their feed.

Usually, girls who do this pose are looking at beautiful sceneries from a far or just want to achieve that reflective aura in the shot. With a good outfit, this pose can either look gloomy or bubbly – choose your pick.

The “Something About My Hair Tips” Pose

Something about someone playing with their hair tips gives the illusion of someone being in deep thought, it’s probably why the pose itself is so popular online. You may look serious or you may look like you’re going in a fan fare with this pose. This kind of pose is usually being done by models in their elite photo shoots.

You may look sophisticated with your outfit or you’re just a simpleton girl wearing Ukay apparel, you could try this pose out for fun. Messy hair or prim and proper, you can pull this off depending on your style.

The “Sakit Ulo” Pose

Probably the oldest in the book, the “sakit ulo” pose involves having someone touch their head while in a candid swift motion. This can be captured from behind, upfront, or from the side – wherever you feel like it. One of the most effortless among the poses because only your hand will move.

You just have to put your own personal touch for this pose to make it unique among the thousands who did the same. Look away, look fierce, look sassy – it’s up to you.

The best season of them allπŸŒΈπŸ™

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