10 Gorgeous Pinay Celebrities Who Proved Morena Is Pretty

Filipinos are home of mixed races, and seeing different types of skin color is inevitable if you are in the country. But amidst all these races, Filipinos are more well-known for our natural tanned skin. Foreigners are in awe of our skin color and loved how our skin looks like the sun gently kissed it. But as years passed, whitening products emerged and easily became a trend making people believe that being fair skinned is the standard of beauty.

Discrimination among people who don’t have fair or white skin became part of the norm. But despite all the discrimination among tanned skin, these 10 Pinay Celebrities proved that skin color doesn’t define beauty.

Venus Raj

Maria Venus Raj or simply known as Venus Raj is a Filipino beauty queen, actress, and TV host. She placed fifth during the Miss Universe pageant in 2010. When she was a kid, people in the province used to call her names such as ‘nognog’ and ‘negra’ because of her skin color.

Despite all the hurtful words thrown at her, she remained strong and used it for her advantage. She learned to love herself more and appreciate her own skin. This made her more confident in facing ‘major major’ events in her life.

Bianca Gonzales- Intal

Bianca is a well-known TV Host and model. When it comes to skin color, this stunner has a firm stand on loving and appreciating yourself more. Just like Venus, she had been a victim of bullying because of her skin color. All the bullying made her insecure, until she discovered that she has her own talents.

Aside from appreciating oneself, she also made us realize that with real friendships, skin color won’t even matter. Up to this date, her skin color is still used against her, but now she is more confident in facing all these criticisms.

Lovi Poe

Another morena pride, Lovi Poe is the legendary, Fernando Poe Jr.’s daughter who emerged to showbiz in 2006. Lovi started her career as a singer, and was given a break in acting when she was tapped to play the role of Kristal in the series Bakekang.

A singer, model, actress, Lovi proved that being morena could not stop you from being beautiful. This girl showed to the world how Filipinas who have the same skin color as hers, can be confident and radiant just like anybody else.

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Sanya Lopez

Sanya Lopez or Shaira Lenn Osuna Roberto in real life, is a Filipino actress, model and host who originated from Bulacan. Sanya rose to fame for her role as Danaya in the remake of Encantadia. Sanya is one of today’s sought after celebrity because of her unique beauty. Her natural sun-kissed skin is one of her features that we admire the most.

One of her dreams is joining Binibining Pilipinas and become one of the beauty queens. And we all know, that with her beautiful face and skin color, Sanya could make it big in the pageantry.


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Gabbi Garcia

A Filipino actress, endorser and recording artist, Gabbi Garcia proved that she is worthy to be on this list. Known to the people as Alena in the Encantadia remake, Gabbi is one of the morena prides we are looking up to. Gabbi, at the young age of 19 exudes great confidence and beauty.

Just like the others, Gabbi also experienced being bullied because of her skin color, but later on, she learned how to embrace and appreciate herself more. She learned to love her own skin color and flaunt it the best way she can.

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Juliana Gomez

Given the fact that her parents are in showbiz, we witnessed how Juliana transformed into a lovely maiden. We all know that Juliana’s parents are two of the most gorgeous people in the country, there’s no doubt that she was able to inherit their good looks.

With her perfect tanned skin (just like her dad’s), she’s one of the girls who proved that being morena is not equivalent to being ugly (What’s up society and your standards of beauty?!).

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Kate Valdez

An emerging star, Kate Valdez rose to fame when she played the role of Mira for Encantadia (remake). At her young age, Kate, already experienced tons of discrimination and criticisms for not being fair-skinned. Kate had experienced being rejected in commercial auditions because of her skin color. She had come to a point wherein she urged her mom to buy her a whitening product just so she could be accepted in the industry. She became disappointed with herself for a while, but later on realized that she has to love herself. She used all the rejections as her stepping stone in achieving her dreams.

Now, she is one of the most gorgeous girls we can see on television who inspires us to continuously love our own skin. And we can see that after many years, her hard work is finally paying off.


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Ylona Garcia

Despite her pretty face, Ylona faced bullying tons of times when she was a kid. She was being bullied because of being morena, and because of those discrimination, she experienced being desperate and cry for hours in her room because her efforts to whiten up her skin is not paying off. But as soon as she realized who she really is, Ylona started to love herself and embrace her skin color. She then understand that her skin color makes up who she is.

And now that she have fully learned to love herself, Ylona serves as an inspiration to kids who also had same struggles because of their skin color. She teaches them to love themselves and embrace who they really are.

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Nadine Lustre

Hail for Queen Nadine.

Known as the multimedia princess, Nadine is one of the most famous morena celebrity we have in the country. Ever since she entered showbiz, this girl proved that she can be beautiful by being true to herself. She may have faced a lots of hate and criticisms, but chose to remain strong and resilient. This Filipina beauty is one of the girls we should all look up to.

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Kathryn Bernardo


Teen Queen, Kathryn Bernardo deserves to have a spot on this list because aside from her gorgeous face, she is also an advocate of loving oneself.

Kathryn is one of the prettiest girls we see in TV. Ever since she entered showbiz, her natural morena skin had been very evident. And all throughout these years, we have seen how she blossomed and turned into a beautiful lady. But despite her pretty face and awesome talents, she often receives bashing. But Kathryn knows better, she loves herself and had embraced her flaws, and most of all her natural sun-kissed skin (which really suits her, by the way). Way to go, Queen Kathryn!

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