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10 Gift For Your Man On Valentine’s Under 999 Pesos

Girl, are you having a hard time picking a gift for your boyfriend? Are you struggling in choosing what kind of gift he will appreciate or like? Boys can be a bit picky when it comes to gifts after all.

If you find it challenging to buy something at a low cost for your boyfriend, worry no more! Here are 10 items that you can buy for your lovers that will cost you no more than ₱999.

Business Briefcase

Perfect gift for your man who carries a lot with him. Your man needs a bag where he can put all his things when he goes to work. An affordable business briefcase like this will fit all the items he needs.

Phone Accessories

Your man always uses his phone, especially for his work and for you. To prevent scenarios like robbery, or losing his phone somewhere, or even to prevent it from falling, a phone grip would be a nice gift to give.


Your man should always smell good, especially whenever he is around you. Give him a perfume that he can use everyday. This way you can choose the scent you like best for him to wear as well.


Whenever he is travelling, he would always use earphones to listen to music. It’s everybody’s best friend during idle times on a bus or on a plane.


You do not want your man catching a cold, so a hoodie pullover would be perfect; it’s great for the cold weather and also very fashionable. It’s a perfect and affordable gift for him because he can use it at work or when travelling.

Bucket Hat

Since hats have always been trendy and fashionable, it’s always a great gift for anyone. It’ll be a great gift for when the sun is too high and bright; he would need something fashionable that can protect him from the heat.


Perfect for a man who carries a lot in his wallet. Buy your lover a clutch bag where he can put all his cards, your photos, his phone, and, of course, his money.

Car Accessories

Men love cars; they also like to put accessories in their cars, especially for their phones since they use them as their GPS. Accessories are also very useful whenever you are calling to check on you’re babe while he’s driving.

Computer Accessories

Men love gaming; they like to play video games in their free time. Give them a nice keyboard and mouse to complete the best gaming experience. It’ll be the best addition to a nice game and a fast computer.

Piggy Bank

He might find it funny, but, seriously, give your boyfriend a piggy bank, so he can save up money for your next date or the like.


A shirt is a nice gift for your man since he can wear it; you can even buy something similar to it, and you can pair up for Valentine’s. He can wear it anywhere he wants, and he can use it whenever he is going out with you.

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