10 Easy Summer Outfits To Rampa At The Beach

Summer sun and crowded beach only mean one thing, the summer season is in full blast. Aside from basking under the sun and taking endless of selfies, rampa-mode on the beach is also never-ending. But not everyone has the time or energy to put together a whole wardrobe for their summer trip.

So for the girls that can’t even be bothered but want outfits that are IG-worthy, here are ten summer outfits to strut on the beach:

Off-Shoulder Blouse + Printed Palazzo Pants + Wide-Brim Straw Hat

Comfort is key when strutting along beach shores. To add a pinch of trend and style, why not recreate comfortable fabric with trend styles? A white cotton off-shoulder blouse screams summer and is the perfect base for some statement pants.

Printed palazzo or wide-legged pants scream bohemian which is what many fashionistas opt for during the summer season. Add a straw wide-brim hat for extra flair and you’ve got yourself an IG-worthy outfit. Sweep the guys of their feet when they see you pass by!

White Lace Baby-Doll Dress + Fedora Straw Hat

If you prefer more of a simple, easy-to-put-on ensemble, a classic white lace baby-doll dress is the answer. Not only is it flowy and its length is convenient, it’s also the perfect clothing item to hide any food baby in case you and the friends decide to go for an island seafood buffet.

Keep the details flowing with a straw fedora hat, straw hats are a great way to revamp any hat into a more summer-like theme.

Fields of gold β˜€οΈ

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Off-Shoulder dress + Wrap-up Headband + Tie-Up Sandals + Bun

If the weather gets hotter during your frolic around the beach, why not throw your hair up in a bun? But do it in style! Base your outfit with an off-shoulder floral dress and accent it with tie-up sandals.

Give those collar bones a little bit more exposure by throwing your hair up in a bun and tying a wrap-up headband. Slip on a pair of sunnies to protect your eyes from the rays of sun.

Space Buns + Crop-top + Wide-Legged Ankle Pants + Wide-Strapped Sandals

For the girls that want a bit more of a unique touch to their summer ensemble, opt for the very trendy space buns. Balance the kid-like hairdo with a sultry top by opting for a crop top. Keep the bottoms simple with an ankle-length wide pants. Tone down the footwear with wide-strapped slippers.

Aside from looking like Princess Leia, you will have that bubbly vibe with you with this outfit. Perfect for fashionably strolling on the beach – you may even catch a date looking like this!

Belle-Sleeved Top + Denim Shorts + Floppy Hat + Gladiators

Release your inner-Vanessa-Hudgens by opting for a belle-sleeved blouse, try scouring shops for pastel hues to give it a softer touch. Pair the flowy top with more structured bottoms by slipping into some denim shorts. Slip into some gladiator sandals to add more detail to the outfit and slap on a floppy hat to finish-off the look.

Looks like you’ll be rocking a Coachella-inspired outfit with this one. You will look put-together effortlessly by wearing this blouse – and of course, that confidence you have. Don’t forget to smile!

Bralette + Maxi Skirt + Bun + Sunnies

Comfort is key, so if you’re going to be doing any rigid activities, stroll around the beach in a lace bralette, or even a bikini top. Because the top is quite exposed, balance it with a printed maxi skirt. Keep the hair strands away from your face by tying it into a bun and grabbing your pair of favorite sunnies to pull the look together.

Work on that abs and this outfit will make the boys stare at you – for sure! Stay light and happy while wearing this and you’ll definitely sweep on of those hot guys off their feet. Flaunt it!

Bathing Suit + Striped Culottes

One of the simplest outfits you can rock at the beach only involves two key pieces: a bathing suit and stripped culottes. For the bathing suit, try opting for one with a trendy top design – the swimsuit will serve both as a swimwear and as a top. Pull a color from the swimsuit and opt for culottes that has details of this specific color to create a cohesive summer ensemble.

You don’t have to spend too much to look ravishing – so this outfit proves! Strike a pose and you’ll look great on this.

Coast is clear. πŸ’πŸ»

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Lace-Up Belle-Sleeved Top + Distressed Denim Shorts + Wide-Brim Hat

Lace-up blouses and even swimwear is absolutely trend these days, but swap out the ribbed long-sleeved lace-up top with a belle-sleeved sheer lace-up top, then add some rough texture to the outfit by going for some dark wash distressed shorts. Add mermaid curls to your hairdo for that beach feel and top it off with a wide-brim hat.

Achieve the chic-and-fab look with this outfit – great for a beach-party or a simple date within the shore. Look young and vibrant with this and let the people look at you with awe.

Laced up for the weekend! ⚑️

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Sheer Kimono + Loose Crop Top + Distressed Shorts

If you want something that is easy to slip in and out of, pair a flowy crop top with denim shorts. And if the summer nights get a bit breezy, a sheer full-length kimono is your perfect cover up. Celebrate your Asian-heritage with this look!

Mix and match different accessories – may it be wristbands, bracelets, anklets, or chokers. Look radiant with your hair flowing and natural looking make-up.

Tie-front top + faded embroidered jeans + sun hats

Grab the pastel-colored tie-front top and match it with your faded jeans for a girl-next door aura before you hit the beach. To avoid too much exposure under the sun, don’t forget to wear a sun hat on your head for protection. Enjoying the summer with comfort and ease!

Perfect for the heat of the sun and warmth of the sand under your feet. Ideal for those who don’t want to get too tanned but still want to run-around the shore and have some fun!


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