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10 Beauty Products That Will Help You Get That Glowing Skin For Your Valentine Date

Hey gorgeous! Valentines is just a few hours away and we know how conscious you are to wear the perfect outfit and look ravishing on your date. What you’ll wear is super important, but what packages your whole look is touchable, soft, glowing skin. Undeniably, glowing skin is the name of the game on Valentine’s Day.

Good skin is the foundation of looking great. Aside from having enough sleep and keeping yourself hydrated, we have here few skin care and make-up products girls could use for their flawless and radiant Valentines date look – girl power!

Facial Cleanser

Your first step to creating the appearance of glowing skin? That’d be picking out the right facial cleanser! Use Liquid NEUTROGENA® Pure Mild Facial Cleanser to help achieve clean, clear, and healthy-looking skin. It is hypo-allergenic and dermatologist proven to be mild, and because it’s fragrance-free, it is recommended for fragrance-sensitive skin.

Facial Scrub

Use a face scrub to help remove dead skin cell buildup for skin that glows on Valentine’s Day. Oh, and don’t forget! For an unforgettable V-Day buss, you can also use face scrub to help smoothen and refine the appearance of your lips. Made with real strawberry seeds and fine bamboo granules to soften your skin while gently removing dirt and toxins, Human Nature Purifying Facial Scrub allows to show off your healthy, smooth and luminous complexion without compromising your skin!

Facial Mask

One of the most popular skin care products of today are face masks. Different variations of it have been released in the market – Korean made ones are usually a hit. Mistine Natural Mud Facial Mask has deep cleansing that help acne repair and prevent further outbreaks of acne. Scrubbing effect exfoliates surface of the skin leaving it smooth, regenerating healthy skin and toning. You will surely feel and look fresh after using this product – great way to prepare your face for other beauty routines.


Serums are amazing for the skin – from clearing blemishes, to firming, to fading brown spots and encouraging a more youthful complexion. Give it time to dry and you’ll notice that your skin just drinks up the serum, making the moisturizer go on so much smoother. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum is made of organic Jeju green tea water and green tea seeds to hydrate your skin from within while the green tea seed oil creates a strong moisture barrier to keep your skin moisturized for a longer period. Fit for long hours spent together during Valentines!

Night cream

At nights, your skin needs a little bit extra care to repair all the damage caused during the day. Night creams help heal your skin overnight and with Olay White Radiance Brightening Night Cream, your skin’s inner fairness will be revealed while having your beauty rest. Expertly formulated, it enhances your skin’s renewal process reducing stubborn spots and providing you more glowing looking skin every morning! So tonight, make sure to use this so you’ll look refreshed all through out the 14th!

Eye Cream

You wouldn’t want to go on a staring contest with your sweetheart with your dark circles being prominent on your face, right? The under eye area is one of the first to start showing signs of ageing and damage. L’Oreal REVITALIFT Eye Cream enriched is conceived to help re-tighten the skin by re-plumping it. It will also reduce your wrinkles and help improve your skin’s density and plumpiness. You can’t look puffy-eyed if you want to captivate your date with just one look!


You need to have a high quality and comfortable for use makeup palette which can be used for different purposes – eye shadow, contour, concealer, and even highlighter for some. Pop Art Pro 6 Colors Cosmetic Contour Face Powder Makeup Palette can easily create clear and brilliant makeup finish, made from high quality ingredients that can make shining color and long-lasting makeup without stimulating your skin. Achieve your best look by looking stylish and delicate with this palette.


To achieve your ‘no makeup, makeup look’ to the next dewy level, dab NYX Professional Makeup WS02 Wonder Stick Concealer onto your cheekbones, brow bones, and tip of your nose. Amplify your look with our all-purpose Wonder Stick that has a creamy finish that conceals, highlights, and contours with ease. It is available in 4 different shade combinations to fit every skin tone including one universal shade. You can’t go wrong with the right contour!


One of the most tricky love-hate relationship girls have is with their foundation. Knowing what your right shade is and its proper application is a must for a natural looking finish. Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation has extraordinarily high coverage and unblocked breathability, achieving the dreamiest look you’ve always wanted. Airbrushed look that you can do yourself in an instant! Available in 7 shades so you can choose what would be perfect for you.


The ultimate key to a glowing skin is none other than – moisturizer. It is a great investment in having that hydrated, good-looking, and fresh skin which will stand out truly – with or without make up. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 is a gentle moisturizer suitable for all skin types, using it as part of your daily routine will improve your skin’s ability to retain vital moisture. Use this and you will look stress-free and ready for a romantic escapade with your love!

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